It’s All About Community!

Carver County has been repeatedly ranked as the healthiest county in Minnesota and one of the
best places to live in the state. In many respects we have it all—natural beauty, an incredible
parks system, and great people. I’m thrilled to live here!

When it comes to our schools, the educators and administrators of District 112 do an incredible
job of helping our students with their learning journeys. And that’s the right phrase, isn’t it? After
all, the goal is to instill in every student a desire for lifelong learning and curiosity about the
world long after they graduate high school.

I believe that we as a community have a collective obligation and responsibility to help every
child succeed. That means showing up in ways which maybe we’ve not considered before—for
example, here’s a wonderful New York Times article about the power of “friending” where youth
with less resources get help from those with more resources.

What if we in Eastern Carver County Schools undertook a “friending” initiative? What are some other ways to
change the trajectories of children who are challenged by things that other children never need
to worry about?

As a member of the District 112 Board of Education, I will push all of us to think outside the box
for ways to ensure that every student succeeds. Remember, it’s all about community!

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