Compassion and Kindness

I realize most people have no idea about me or what I represent. I’m also very aware that my
status as a transgender woman may cause some discomfort, or even fear.

Let me assure everyone that while my story is unusual, I’m really no different from anyone else.
As I like to say, I’m a survivor of the Human Condition just like you; it’s just that my survivorship
is far more public compared to most people.

I’m the parent of two adult daughters whom I love with all my heart. I have an 80 lb. English
cream golden retriever named Jack, who I raised from a puppy. I’m a writer, a weekly radio
host, and an avid bicyclist (look for me coursing the trails in Carver Park Reserve!).

I’ve been best friends with someone nicknamed Thap since eighth grade, and he considers me
a part of his family. I’ve mentored to young people for more than a decade and have several
“third daughters,” who have come to adore me, and me them.

For thirty years, I was a civil trial lawyer. Following my gender transition in 2009, I decided to
devote my life to making the world a better place for all humans. The genesis for that goes back
to Dr. King and Robert F. Kennedy, whom I call the “Special K’s.” I was eleven years old when
they were assassinated and before they went, they taught me that I need to work for positive

When I transitioned genders, my whole view of the world was turned upside down. Suddenly, I
was no longer at the top of the pyramid, Even more, I came to better understand what it means
to be “Other,” something that made me a more compassionate and understanding person.

I have dedicated my remaining life to spreading compassion and kindness for all. If elected to
the District 112 school board, I will speak of compassion often and will look for ways to infuse it
into our collective experiences.

Here is an article about how my work around compassion has given others hope. Will you join
me in having hope for our wonderful students, educators and community at large?

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