Preparing Students for the Future

The world of the early 2020s is unique. Information of any kind is accessible with just a couple
clicks. The ability to connect with humans across the world has never been easier.
And too, one’s exposure to criticism, or judgment or worse has never been greater.

Experiencing that is one thing for adults who have grit and perspective, but quite another thing
for young humans who are just learning to make their way.

On top of this, there are political and societal changes that are reshaping America and the

If every District 112 student is to succeed, we must do everything possible to get them ready for
the world they will graduate into. This means providing the basics, like science, math, and
reading, yes, but it also means teaching them empathy for others and instilling a keen sense of
curiosity about the world.

It is curiosity that carries a person forward, making them willing to take risks and explore new
places, and meet people who are different from them. The process of curiosity and exploration
lends to an enriching life filled with purpose. Indeed, our graduates will someday be called upon
to lead our community, or even, our country.

And too, we must address the disparities that exist between students based on skin color,
economic background, and other factors beyond a student’s control. It’s not acceptable to
simply note the disparities; rather, with great intentionality we must do what’s necessary to level
the playing field so that all students succeed.

As a school board member, I will remain focused on the fact that it is all about the students (and
the educators helping our students on their learning journey). We must dream big so that they
dream big too!

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