Hello, I’m Ellie

I’m the first in my family to attend college and then graduate (law) school. I’m also the parent of two adult daughters whom we adopted from Korea when they were infants. 

In 1996, I founded a very successful civil trial firm. In 2011, I founded and successfully operated an award-winning nonprofit and later, my current business. Through all of this, I became adept at working with people and all the things involved in running a business. In addition, as a lawyer, I advised several companies on different aspects of operating their businesses. 

I’ve been trained as a mediator and as a circle leader, meaning that I have experience in listening to people about issues that are important to them and helping them to find solutions.  I’m a unifier who believes in and teaches about the incredible power of compassion and kindness. 

Presently, I speak and train about human inclusivity—how each of us can be welcoming to and accepting of each other—across North America. Since the pandemic, most of this work has occurred virtually, something that I do from my home office in Victoria. 

Most of all, I believe in the power of education and how it connects to making the world better. I’m a student of Dr. King and Robert F. Kennedy—I was eleven years old when they were assassinated. Before then, I had started to read the newspaper where the words of Dr. King and Bobby Kennedy sank into me, instructing that we all have an obligation to work for a better America, and a better world. 

I’ve been an idealist even since then. I’m running for the Eastern Carver County Schools District 112 school board because I believe that I can make a positive difference.  

Lastly, I’m transgender. I transitioned genders in 2009 when far fewer transgender people were visible. The experience of transitioning has dramatically changed my perspective about the world, and it has made me a more compassionate and caring person toward all. 

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