Thank You, Voters!

Ellie Krug was elected on Nov. 8

for ECCS District 112 School Board

For ALL Students. And for You!

Meet Ellie Krug

• Civil Lawyer (retired) 30+ years

• National Speaker and Trainer to 50,000+ on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Topics

• Believes in our educators and their commitment to our students

• Believes in building student skill sets to prepare for the workforce & world of the late 2020’s and 2030’s

• Recognizes the need to foster respectful curiosity about the world

“I’m a unifier who believes in and teaches about the incredible power of compassion and kindness.”

-Ellie Krug

From the Desk of Ellie Krug

What Makes an Excellent School Board Member?

It’s all about Community

Preparing Students for the Future

Compassion and Kindness

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